• Human being

    Human being

    We proclaim the fundamental equality of all the men and women, without distinction of race, age, creed, political doctrine or social condition.
  • Human Rights

    Human Rights

    The worker is born with fundamental rights which must be respected by all, and among which are: the right to a dignified life in the material, in the spiritual, to freedom, to education, to form a family, a job fairly remunerated and lawful means for its improvement and of yours.

    For this reason, as Mexicans, we endorse the commitment made by Mexico as a member state of the organization of the United Nations.
  • Family


    The family as the foundation of the society has to be a constant concern of all the social organizations.

    The State, for its part, must give its full support to avoid any action that tends to desintegrarla. We demand respect for their integrity, to continue being forged in the highest moral and spiritual values.
  • Work


    Work is a duty which obliges all and is also a right whose exercise should promote and protect the society and the state.
  • Company


    The company must be a community of persons composed of workers, managers and investors who, in addition to its purpose of providing goods and services to society, must fulfill the important mission of fostering the personal realization of its members and contribute to the development and progress of society in general.
  • State


    The State, being essentially manager of the common good, must establish the conditions necessary in the social, economic and legal measures, so that man can achieve the fullness of their improvement in all orders.
  • Private Property

    Private Property

    All private property must fulfill its social function, since it is a stimulus to work and firm basis of dignity and personal independence and contributes to give firmness and stability to the family of the worker.

    We deem it necessary to combine public and private efforts to make it possible for each family of our homeland a homeownership and decorous that constitutes a solid family heritage.
  • Doctrines


    We are striving for the evolution toward a social and economic order more solidarity and fair, that generates the harmonization of interests and coexistence of efforts to achieve a peace dynamic in social justice.

    We reject any doctrine that transform the individual in object, consider the work as a commodity and have profit, as the only motive of human actions.

    We also reject any ideology which celebrates the hatred and the class struggle, by their materialist conception of life, because it denies the human freedoms and subdues man to the most totalitarian of slavery: the spirit.
  • International Community

    International Community

    As it has always proclaimed Mexico, in international forums, there must be an economic and political order that ends with the eagerness of domination and profit of the powerful nations.

    The developed countries should foster the progress of developing nations, but without undermining its sovereignty and dignity as a nation, or wishing to interfere in their internal affairs.